Waypoint Compass
Waypoint Compass
Waypoint Compass

Waypoint Compass

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Minimal in size but maximal in utility, The Waypoint is Glow Rhino's new tritium EDC button compass.

This isn't your Cracker Jack plastic compass.

The Waypoint's machined aluminum housing is loaded with an easily readable, free-floating compass card and enveloped by a proprietary anti-bubble/no fog liquid. 

Navigate in low light conditions with the 2 tritium vials enabling Glow Rhino's signature glow. 

Getting lost in the woods is fun until it's not. Find your Waypoint and ultimate destination today.


  • 1 XL Tritium Insert
  • 1 M Tritium Insert
  • Machined Aluminum Housing
  • Keychain Hole / Lanyard Loop
  • Keyring


Diameter: 25mm

Thickness: 10.6mm

Weight: 9 grams

On the Go

Connect to your keys or a zipper pull

Pry Bar Envy

A Curable Condition

Man's New
Best Friend

Why Tritium EDC?

Seeing is Believing

Tritium has been used in military applications for decades. Low light visibility is sometimes crucial for survival. Why not offer this same technology in what we carry every day?

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