Know about the Glow - What is Tritium?

Tritium is an isotope of Hydrogen. When Tritium gas is encapsulated in Borosilicate glass vials with phosphorescent pigments, a self-luminous (glow in the dark) device is created.

Tritium is unable to diffuse through these glass vials. Further, since Tritium is a low energy beta emitter, even if a tritium vial was broken, it is NOT dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate human skin)

Tritium vials can be found in a wide range of common consumer goods such as watches, compasses, keychains, and gun sights. Now Glow Rhino adds Tritium EDC gear & tools to this list.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulates the use and distribution of self-illuminated tritium devices. Only companies with approved distribution licenses are legally allowed to build and distribute these tritium products. Glow Rhino works with a licensed company with almost 30 years of experience working with tritium to illuminate its products.


  • barry reid

    Hello I would like to know if you have plans to offer the scales for different knives in the future. I have a number of knives that would benefit from them.

  • Nathaniel Hunt

    Are they t25 tubes or more???

  • Jacalyn Lind

    I think you’ll sell out everything quick. It all looks fantastic. Best of luck and I hope I can win a key fob.

  • Lancello Gunsmithing

    Do you sell tritium emitters that can be glued onto devices?

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