Precious Metals Series: Limited Fobs


“CJ,” his wife called out, “have you seen my keys? I could swear I put them in my bag, but I don’t see them…”


That simple, frustrating act of locating your keys through the fog of one coffee, getting two kids ready for school, and needing immediate access to a critical item to get the day started—got CJ thinking.

Around that time, Glow Rhino’s lead engineer witnessed a T-bone car accident at night. After running up to the scene to offer help, he found he was unable to access the victims to deliver aid—a glass-breaker would have made the difference. It was the catalyst to move a simple glowing locator into something truly hardworking that could be carried every day.

When you run a manufacturing company that inserts Tritium for a wide spectrum of purposes, why not solve both of these problems?

Co-Founder of Glow Rhino, CJ Karchon, worked with the team to repurpose their 30 years of knowledge gathered from compasses, gun sights, and other military/defense applications with Tritium to bring the “glow” to every-day life. Going above and beyond and creating a complete package for any car key fob that includes a vital glass-breaker tip.   

People have often asked, “How do these fobs fit in my life?” Beyond their initial use, they find themselves home on tents, tool bags, backpacks, and even dog collars. And that question evolved into, “Where don’t these fobs fit into my life?!”

The inevitable conversation about more styles, materials, and Tritium colors has yielded some incredibly cool editions of our Glow Fobs. Our Bronze Fob having already made it’s way out and into the world, with a Copper Fob on its way. This Precious Metals Series will have one more edition in mid-April.


“We were proud to learn many followers are using our glow fobs as ‘statement pieces’ in their EDC. These limited runs will allow the most loyal members a chance to differentiate their EDC even further.” -CJ Karchon 

One of our goals at Glow Rhino is to ensure you are aware of how Tritium can brighten your life. Currently stocking green and blue, we have more colors like orange and purple that we will see released soon. Make sure to keep an eye on our socials and newsletter to know when these cool new colors will be dropping!


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  • Tim Huber

    When will these be released? Also, what other constructions will there be? Looks really cool.

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