GR Customs to Launch in 2020

Glow Rhino has received a number of customer requests about tritium upgrades to their existing EDC gear.

Aftermarket tritium solutions to our customers' favorite knives. We thought this was a great idea! 

However, it would be impossible to provide this as a service for one-offs. We started thinking, we could do limited drops based on overlapping customer feedback.


Glow Rhino plans to launch "GR Customs" in 2020.

Please send us any requests and we will do our best to bring your suggestions to life!


  • John Adams

    Would love to have some tritium installed in my benchmade infidel OTF!!!

  • Puleo Erichsen

    Love the concept! Saw the Bugout email! Plan on a huge run on that model. Another with your machining skills how about replacement shells for RavenCrest Tactical Mini Zhanshi Warrior Custom Tactical OTF Knife or a partnership with them.

  • Bobby Carrillo

    If you guys could do some microtech OTF’s with the glow that would be STELLAR

  • Christian

    Could you guys possibly put a tritium vile in my custom flytanium scales for my bench made 940?

  • Chris Schiferl

    G10 Scales with tritium inlays for Benchmade Griptilian 551-1 please!

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