Tritium is a Girl's (and Guy's) Best Friend....

Did you ever wonder why you don't see more Tritium in tools and items for the outdoors? If you thought it was because of radiation exposure, you're way off!

It's because Tritium is heavily regulated, extremely rare, and very expensive. How expensive? Our engineer found this article from Business Insider which stacks up the top 10 most expensive items on the earth, and we land squarely at number 5—right behind diamonds

While we won't be able to get this regulated item into an engagement ring any time soon, we do think it's worth noting that we work hard to get you this premium substance at a price you can afford, housed in a tool that makes your life that much easier. No matter the light conditions. 

"5. Tritium

Cost: $30,000 per gram

What you do with it: Tritium is used in self-luminating EXIT signs found in theaters, schools, and office buildings. There are more than 2 million tritium EXIT signs in the United States."

—Business Insider


If you're looking for us, we'll be trash talking the gemstone "Taaffeite," who came in at number 6. 

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