GR Customs is Alive!

There’s huge news across the glow-o-sphere: GR Customs has officially launched!

What does that even mean?

No longer will you have to possess the same exact production knife as all of your friends. Make it yours. Make it glow. 

We know you already love what you carry, so we figured we’d help you upgrade it.

Glow Rhino is now offering aftermarket tritium upgrades to many of your EDC items. We started this initiative with a limited drop of Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G10 scales. It was a huge success and they sold out quickly.

If you missed out on the first GR Customs drop, please make sure to follow us on social media (@glowrhino) and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the website to hear first about product launches.

We already have a number of tritium upgrades in the hopper but if you have an idea for an aftermarket tritium accessory, please let us know!

Thank you for all of your feedback and support as we find our way in the dark.


  • Jonathan Bradford

    I am a dog person and have been my entire life. Abe My 95lb solid black shepard/pit mix is not only my right hand but also serves as my therapy dog since being diagnosed and seriously affected by M.S. was stuck by a car running over 65 mph almost 4 weeks ago. Since my divorce and my baby girl graduating trade school he has also become my life. I now owe $2600 for the emergency vet to both save him and make him as comfortable through all the pain and worth every last cent. Soon as I can come up with the extra money I will be ordering two of your keychains to mount on his collar to help me see him after dark. And if I can come up with a bit more one of your prybars to aid me with carb builds since having to take up small builds and repairs at home to make sure the vet bill is paid on my son. What I was getting at when I started this is I’ve been thinking quit a long time about putting tritium on his collar and even ordered some back when I was working. I don’t know if y’all would be interested but I have come up with something crude drawings for such a thing. Ps y’all have succeeded in coming up with some great looking products.

  • Aaron

    Please make Benchmade axis lock with incorporated tritium!

  • Nathan W Ogle

    I have always thought a flashlight would be a lot more useful if it was easier to find in the dark. Those cheap glow in the dark rubber buttons just don’t glow long enough to be found just minutes after the lights go out or while camping, fishing and so on. So why not somehow incorporate Tritium design. Maybe make a mag light end cap with tritium or something along those lines. just a thought.

  • Otto Kerr

    Is there the possibility of getting scales for a Benchmade Osborne in the future? Thank you

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