Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day around the corner and most of us shopping online, we thought we’d do our part to help with some suggestions from Glow Rhino. We're certain that all of our EDC tools are an excellent gift for all fathers (no matter who or what their “kids” are). 


Best For:

  • The Camper

  • The Guy Who Loses His Keys

  • The Gadget Guy

  • The Science Guy

At the top of the list is our Glow Fob. For a gift that balances individualism and practicality, with a sprinkle of a rare radioactive isotope (or a vial, more precisely), not much will beat a Glow Fob. More often our vehicles no longer need keys inserted into a steering column, which means it's easier to lose them or leave them where they shouldn't stay. This fob doesn’t exclusively belong on car keys, however. We see fobs on dog collars, as tent zipper pulls, and even at the end of basement light strings! Available in silver titanium or black steel, with either green or blue Tritium, the Glow Rhino Glow Fob far outshines the boring tie you have sitting in your online cart right now.



Best For:

  • The Tool Guy

  • The Craft Beer Guy

  • The Boat Guy

  • The Fishing Guy

For the more tool-focused dad, the Pry Bar is a perfect fit. With an XL Tritium vial on its body, the Pry Bar can live life being your EDC solution for flat-head needs, prying needs, and once all that work is done, bottle cap removing needs. If Dad is a guy who likes to spend time around the firepit or campfire, we’re sure he’ll be happy to finally have a bottle opener that doesn’t disappear into the night when the sun goes down. Because the Pry Bar uses zero electronics, it survives quite well in a marine environment—grab one for his boat keys! If the buoy doesn’t keep them afloat, the Tritium will help a diver locate them (this goes for the Glow Fob, too!).



Best For:

  • The Knife Guy

  • The EDC Guy

  • The Premium Materials Guy

  • The “All-Business” Guy

The Reactor Knife is a sleek EDC knife that is all business. Much like a well-tailored suit, the Reactor is everything you need in a timeless framelock folding knife, with the flair of Tritium to stand out in a sea of sameness. A deep conceal carry clip keeps the Reactor securely in the pocket of the wearer. A dual lanyard/pry bar lends another layer of usefulness without occupying unnecessary space. If the knife was dropped or left behind when the light is low, XL Tritium inserts on both sides of the titanium handles will ensure the knife is found. A knife is a timeless gift—the Reactor can be something that continues to generate good times, memories, and saves the day a few times for decades to come.



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