Our Story

Based in Metro Detroit, Glow Rhino as a brand is fresh on the scene but the founders have been in the firearms and defense industries, and specifically working with tritium for almost 30 years.

Before Glow Rhino was even a flicker of an idea, we cared about what we carried. 

We believe your EDC indicates what you’re capable of and ready for. Plan for what challenges life may throw you, and you will be ready for them. People will come to you for help, rather than the other way around.

All of our products contain Tritium, a self-powered light source that doesn’t require batteries or an outside charge. The high-grade material is often used in watches, gun sights, exit signs, and a range of other military applications that requiring visibility in low light. The glow allows you to find your essential items in dimly lit settings such as a glove compartment, a dark room, under a couch, or in a go-bag.

Our mission is to help reliable individuals solve modern challenges with unique tools they’ll never lose.

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The Glow Rhino Team

Tritium EDC